Frequently asked questions

How old do I need to be to Rent a Vehicle on ReadyDrive?

21 Years Old. Most commercial rental agencies will charge a surcharge for renters under 25. At ReadyDrive there is “No Surcharge” for anyone renter 21 years or older.

Does ReadyDrive have a Cleaning Policy?

We do not have a specific policy, but we do adhere to the rule of common courtesy, “Return the vehicle as you found it and fill it up”. Remember that ReadyDrive is built on the strong foundation of “Trust” among military personnel. Be kind and keep it clean.

If I’m not associated with the military, can I rent or use ReadyDrive?

No, ReadyDrive is strictly for the military community peer-to-peer sharing.

How do you verify Military affiliation?

We utilize a recognized partner to confirm eligibility.

Is RedayDrive cheaper then traditional commercial rental agencies?

Our commitment is to bring our services to you at rates that are on average 20% to 30% below what major rental agencies charge.

Do I need insurance to rent a vehicle on ReadyDrive?

A renter will need to confirm that they have their own Personal Auto Policy including Physical Damage and agree to pay all deductibles in case of an accident. If the Renter does not have Personal Auto Policy including Physical Damage, you will have an option to purchase coverage for your rental.

If I do not have a Personal Auto Policy including Physical Damage, can I purchase insurance for my rental?

A renter can purchase insurance through the provided carrier’s website to purchase one day
Physical Damage Insurance and is responsible as well for any Deductibles associated. In addition, they will have an option to purchase additional Supplemental Liability Coverage.

Is ReadyDrive available outside of North Carolina?

Currently ReadyDrive is only available in the state of North Carolina, specifically the Fort Bragg area. We will be expanding to other bases throughout the U.S. in the coming months, Like us on any of our social channels to learn more.

How do I pay for ReadyDrive?

You can pay with any major credit card.

Do I have to pay Taxes on my rental?

Hey, it is America and Uncle Sam requires us to collect taxes for your rental.

Do I have to be in the military to list my vehicle for rental?

Yes, you will need to sign up with ReadyDrive through the App. We will verify your eligibility through ReadyDrive.

How do I book a rental?

You must have a ReadyDrive account to book a car. If you do not have one,
sign up now! You must meet our age requirements, that’s 21 years of age.
Requirements for signing up include,
1) Driver’s license number and expiration date. 2) Home address. 3) Payment method. 4) Photo of yourself for your ReadyDrive profile. In some cases, we may ask for additional photos and/or we may check your personal and/or business credit report, auto insurance score, and criminal background. When you create an account, you give ReadyDrive written instructions and permission in line with the Fair Credit Reporting Act or similar laws to obtain this information. ReadyDrive has the right to decline your trip request and remove you from the platform because of your auto insurance score, criminal background, driving record, or any other reason.

How do I List my car on ReadyDrive?

You must have a ReadyDrive account to list a car. If you do not have one, sign up now!
Before you list your vehicle, be sure it meets our eligibility requirements and maintenance and safety requirements. You must meet the age requirements for listing, which differ by location. If you are in the
US or Canada, you must be at least 21 years old. You will also need to have valid car insurance and meet all legal and insurance standards and requirements for your region. Finally, you will need to follow our Cleaning policy. The Policy is the Golden Rule, and as for the renter, it really means to keep your vehicle clean from debris, smoke, dog hair, washed on the outside and not dirty and a Full Tank of Gas. We require the renters to adhere to the Golden Rule, “Return the vehicle as you found it and fill it up”. Be kind.
Be sure to review the language of your lease or financing documents to confirm that you can list your vehicle on a car sharing platform. Before you can list, you will have to get approved to use ReadyDrive. We will ask for:
1) Your driver’s license and expiration date.
2) Home address.
3) Vehicle information including license plate, “Make sure your license plate is up to date and you enter it accurately”.
4) Vehicle Make, Model, and Year, Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).
5) Upload at least four specific photos.

What if I have any questions about ReadyDrive?

You can email us at or call 516-496-1827

Does ReadyDrive have a No Smoking Policy for Owners and Renters?

All cars on ReadyDrive are non-smoking vehicles. ReadyDrive prohibits guests, their passengers, and vehicle owners from smoking in any car in the ReadyDrive fleet. This No smoking policy covers the use of, but is not limited to, any tobacco or tobacco-related products, marijuana or marijuana substitutes, e-cigarettes, or personal vaporizers.

How do I coordinate pick up?

Both the Owner and Renter will be notified that a rental has been scheduled and ReadyDrive will connect the Owner and Renter to coordinate a convenient pick-up and Drop-off of the vehicle.

Do I have to return the vehicle with a Full Tank of Gas?

We ask that the renter bring the vehicle back with at least the same amount of fuel that was in the car at the time of the pick-up. Is it required to return with a Full Tank, not if it wasn’t full when you started your trip, but lets be honest, you are going to be at the gas station anyway, pay it forward for your fellow service member.

What percentage does ReadyDrive take to provide the service?

The percentage that ReadyDrive takes covers insurance for your vehicle, taxes for the insurance,
advertising to drive rentals, customer support and an easy-to-use app all for about 30% to 40%.

How do I set my price for renting my vehicle?

-ReadyDrive strives to have vehicles available at up to 30% below market value compared to leading rental car agencies.
For example, if a mid-size vehicle is being rented by an agency including all insurance and fees for a day at $145.00 a day, ReadyDrive would recommend the owner to rent their vehicle for $101.50 a day.
That’s 30% off the regular rate charged by a on base rental agency. You’ll make $60.90 from that daily rental after the insurance cost, taxes from insurance and marketing support provided by ReadyDrive.